Strategic Marketing

Every day when you come into the office and look at your ‘to do’ list, you’ve got to also find time to think about strategy. Who has time for this? You’re busy working on the ‘here and now’ and, let’s face it, it’s difficult to think about next year’s strategy or tactical plan. That’s where we can help. An extra set (or two or three) of eyes and ears allows you to focus on the little things that are important today, so that there are important things tomorrow. We’ll help you build your brand plan or your tactical plan and we’ll challenge your thinking.

Market Research

One of the single greatest problems in today’s world of marketing is that we, as brand leaders, probably don’t listen to the ‘voice of customer’ enough. True, sometimes we listen too much and get paralyzed into whether it should be ‘blue’ or ‘red’. Those brands & brand leaders are rare. The reality is that we make assumptions about what our customers want based on our own insights or those of our sales reps. Or we talk to one or two customers and extrapolate to a larger base. Either way, we don’t end up with the right answers or insights. We often have clients who tell us that they want to do message testing or qualitative research. In truth, the best market research begins with this question: “What is the business problem?” Once we understand the business problem, we will help you decide the best method of market research. We’ll develop the discussion guide with you, we’ll go out into the field and conduct the research and then we’ll deliver analysis based on the research that helps you solve the business problem. 

Medical Education/Event Planning

We truly believe that the greatest driver of product adoption is peer-to-peer influence. How one physician/customer uses a product can immeasurably influence how others use the same product. With that said, the impact of face-to-face meetings seems to have dwindled over the past 5-10 years as the advertising world moves to digital media. Digital media (and we do work in digital) has its place but meeting with your customers face-to-face, answering their questions, disseminating new information and hearing about their challenges or concerns is crucial for many reasons. We will manage the entire process for you: from recruitment to booking of travel to managing the food & beverage requirements to facilitating the actual event (if required) to delivering a comprehensive summary report. Whether it’s a national meeting, a regional meeting an accredited slide kit or a speaker tour, we will deliver an outstanding event.


Social Media. Tablet Apps. Standard websites and microsites. E-blasts. These are some of the tools that today’s marketers are using to reach their customer segments. An interactive or digital strategy is a critical part of today’s marketing mix but it’s more than just coding and testing. A digital media tool is part strategy, part creative, part functionality and part user-friendliness. And for those brand leaders who are stumped by how to ‘measure’ a digital strategy/campaign—yes, it’s difficult. Measuring ‘click thrus’ and ‘open rates’ is not the whole story. It’s not even half the story. We can tell you how long a rep has spent on a particular screen using a tablet detail aid—but that’s not even half the story. Digital media converges (and converges best) when it is measured alongside the use of traditional promotional tactics to truly measure a difference.

Meeting Facilitation

Every brand has to do it (or at least should be doing it): annual brand/tactical/strat planning. The most difficult part(s) of this process are twofold: being far enough removed from the process that, as a brand leader, you can actually sit back and soak in what is being said without worrying about whether your flipchart pages are taped to the wall or your dry-erase markers have enough ‘juice’ to get to the end of the day. The other problem: developing buy-in across the organization to the brand’s objectives, key strategic imperatives and tactical necessities without appearing as though you have all the answers or a hidden agenda. We’ve run countless brand/tactical/strat planning sessions over the years and we’ll work with you to develop an agenda for your session that accomplishes your goals and allows our facilitators to lead the session. We’ll deliver a summary report and then help you implement it. As we often tell our clients, the output of a session like this is not so much ‘getting the right answer’ as it is to drive alignment and buy-in across the organization.

Marketing Distinction® Training:

Let’s face it—in today’s world, you can’t swing a dead cat without finding someone or some organization that will deliver a customized or off-the-shelf sales training program for you. Negotiation management. Effective Selling Skills. Personal effectiveness. How to close. Earning Customer Loyalty. Key Account Management. The list literally goes on and on.

What you won’t find are organizations that are committed to developing a marketing training program for your product managers, senior brand managers, category managers and marketing directors. Well, we do that. We’ll customize a program for you and your team. Our Marketing Distinction program encompasses an important and necessary review of marketing basics and principles, workshop sessions using your organization’s real business issues for case studies and plenty of time for open discussion and dialogue. We can tailor a course for as few as 5 people and up to 20. We even might invite a guest speaker or two from some of the top academic institutions in the world to deliver insight and sit in on the workshops and discussions.

Other Services:

We also provide our clients with other services that we’ve listed below. Talk to us about any one of these services and we’ll be happy to help!

    i. Copy/Medical Writing
    ii. Core Creative Concept Development
    iii. Media Buying
    iv. Media Planning
    v. Public relations
    vi. Direct-to-consumer T.V. & Radio production
    vii. Complete Print and Bindery Services