One of the single greatest problems in today’s world of marketing is that we, as brand leaders, probably don’t listen to the ‘voice of customer’ enough. True, sometimes we listen too much and get paralyzed into whether it should be ‘blue’ or ‘red’. Those brands & brand leaders are rare. The reality is that we make assumptions about what our customers want based on our own insights or those of our sales reps. Or we talk to one or two customers and extrapolate to a larger base. Either way, we don’t end up with the right answers or insights. We often have clients who tell us that they want to do message testing or qualitative research. In truth, the best market research begins with this question: “What is the business problem?” Once we understand the business problem, we will help you decide the best method of market research. We’ll develop the discussion guide with you, we’ll go out into the field and conduct the research and then we’ll deliver analysis based on the research that helps you solve the business problem.