Every brand has to do it (or at least should be doing it): annual brand/tactical/strat planning. The most difficult part(s) of this process are twofold: being far enough removed from the process that, as a brand leader, you can actually sit back and soak in what is being said without worrying about whether your flipchart pages are taped to the wall properly or your dry-erase markers have enough ‘juice’ to get to the end of the day. The other problem: developing buy-in across the organization to the brand’s objectives, key strategic imperatives and tactical necessities without appearing as though you have all the answers or a hidden agenda. We’ve run countless brand/tactical/strat planning sessions over the years and we’ll work with you to develop an agenda for your session that accomplishes your goals and allows our facilitators to lead the session. We’ll deliver a summary report and then help you implement it. As we often tell our clients, the output of a session like this is not so much ‘getting the right answer’ as it is to drive alignment and buy-in across the organization.