Our Publications

Catalytic Health’s peer-reviewed journals are developed to provide Canadian clinicians with perspective and insight on disease management. Our publications provide a forum for clinicians to share their real-world experience in the treatment and management of their patients.

Our journals are open access, which means their content is freely available without charge to users or their institutions. Articles are licensed under CC BY-ND, and may be copied, printed, redistributed, or linked-to in full provided the source is cited and the content is not modified.

Catalytic Health’s current active publications include:

Canadian Allergy & Immunology Today

Canadian Dermatology Today

Canadian Eye Care Today

Canadian Hematology Today

About Our Journals

The Editorial Board, Peer Review, and Submission Process

All articles published in Catalytic Health journals are subject to review by the journal’s Editorial Board. Members of each journal’s Editorial Board are selected to ensure a diversity of opinion and breadth of scope. Editors are invited at the recommendation of their peers on the basis of deep subject matter expertise and extensive publication records in the relevant field.

Editors shall disclose any relationships or activities that may bias their review of manuscripts and shall recuse themselves from reviews or editorial decisions that pose a potential conflict of interest.

The Editorial Board for each journal evaluates submitted manuscripts against the journal’s stated aims and publication criteria. A detailed outline of publication criteria may be found on each journal’s website. Catalytic Health does not charge article processing fees or any other fees for manuscript submission or publication.

Accepted article types and specific requirements for each publication are listed on their individual websites. Manuscripts for Catalytic Health journals should be submitted digitally to info@catalytichealth.com. The submitting author, who is generally the corresponding author, is responsible for the manuscript during the submission and peer-review process and must ensure that queries, revisions and approvals can be provided in a 72-hour time period during the review of their manuscript.

Advertising Policy

All advertisements and commercially sponsored publications are independent from editorial decisions. Catalytic Health and its publications do not endorse any product or service marked as an advertisement or promoted by a sponsor in Catalytic Health publications. Editorial content is not compromised by commercial or financial interests, or by any specific arrangements with advertising clients or sponsors.

All advertisements for drug-specific campaigns must comply with the relevant Canadian legislation that regulates advertising. All advertisements for drug specific campaigns should encourage correct and rational, may not be deceptive or misleading, and must be verifiable. Advertisements should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered.

Research Ethics & Informed Consent

Catalytic Health reserves the right to reject any manuscript on the basis of unethical conduct in either human or animal studies.

For research involving human experiments, the article must include a statement that ethical approval was obtained (or a statement that ethical approval was not required and why) and a statement that the participants gave informed consent before taking part (or a statement that consent was not required and why).

Identifying details of the participants that were studied should not be published in written descriptions unless the information is essential for scholarly purposes and the participant gave written informed consent for publication.

Where illustrations include recognizable individuals, living or deceased, authors must ensure that consent for publication has been given and patient anonymity should be preserved.

In cases where complete anonymity is difficult to achieve, informed consent for publication must be obtained if there is any doubt.

Corrections & Retractions

Catalytic Health will issue corrections, retraction statements and other post-publication updates including Editorial Expressions of Concern on published content as appropriate. Substantial errors to supplementary information are corrected in the same manner as amendments to the main article.

When making corrections to articles, in the majority of cases the original article is corrected and is linked to and from the published amendment notice, which details the original error. For the sake of transparency, when changes made to the original article affect data in figures, tables or text (for example, when data points/error bars change or curves require redrawing) the amendment notice will reproduce the original data. When it is not possible to correct the original article in both HTML and PDF versions (for example, articles published many years before the error is raised) the article will remain unchanged but will links to and from the published amendment notice.